Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tu Si Que Vales!

I´m sitting here watching ¡Tu Si Que Vales! which is the Spanish version of ¨America´s Got Talent¨.

It´s absolutely amazing what some of these people do.  One guy juggled pizza dough while doing a dance.  It was pretty cool and unique.  He passed.

Another guy just came out and danced on a pogo stick.  He did random jumping tricks and looked like he was having so much fun just bouncing around the stage.  It was amusing but not passable.  He passed.

Then there was a woman who was blindfolded and faced her back to the audience.  Her husband then asked her what he was touching and she guessed everything.  Then they picked a random guy from the audience and told her to say his name, his bday, and his age.  She guessed them all and she was still blindfolded! It was pretty amazing!  They passed.

However this was one of my favorites.  I cried because this 15 year old kid sang so good!  Watch the video and you will see!

The judges are great too! 
There is this gay guy with glasses who is funny but he wants all the attention and after every act he has to go on stage and do or say something. 
There is a big spanish woman (actress) who is hillarious!  She´s so lively and always shakes her big boobs on the stage.  She´s my favorite. 
Then there´s a pregnant lady who never seems like she has fun.  When all the other judges laugh and go on stage, she sits there and shakes her head.  I dont really like her. 
And last but not least, there are two brothers.  One is gay and funny.  The other one is a big guy who wants to have sex with all the girls. For one of the contestants, he told them that the only way they pass is if they go on the street and get him some blonde girls.  They did and passed!

Here is a video to show you how great the judges are!  (sorry if you can´t understand anything...)

Enjoy and ¡TU SI QUE VALES!

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